Short Fiction

flourish “The Things that Survive,” Third place, 2017 Porter Fleming Literary Competition

flourish “The Ghost of Charlton Street,” Finalist, 2016 Ron Rash Fiction Award, forthcoming in Broad River Review

flourish “Wendell Berry’s Peace,” Winner of the 2016 James Still Fiction Prize; Runner-up, 2016 Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize; Finalist, 2016 Reynolds Price Fiction Award; forthcoming in The Thomas Wolfe Review 

flourish “A Pop of Color,” Honorable Mention, 2015 Ron Rash Fiction Award; Broad River Review, Volume 48, Spring 2016

flourish “White Iris,” Finalist, 2015 Doris Betts Fiction Prize; Second place, 2016 Savannah Anthology Short Story Contest; 2016 Savannah Anthology

flourish “Salamander in the Garden,” Honorable Mention, The Writers’ Workshop of Asheville 2015 Literary Fiction Contest; Finalist, 2014 Touring Theatre of North Carolina Short Story Contest; Finalist, 2014 James Hurst Fiction Prize

flourish “Paved Streets, Beautiful Lots,” Second Place, 2015 Page Crafter’s Prize

flourish “Maranatha Road,” First place, Novel Excerpt Category, 2014 Knoxville Writers’ Guild Contest

flourish “Hold String and Fly,” Second place, Novel Excerpt Category, 2014 Knoxville Writers’ Guild Contest

flourish “Soft Landing,” East Coast Literary Review, Winter Edition 2015

flourish “Three Lies and a Truth,” Thick Jam, Edition 457, 2015

flourish “Third Shift,” Finalist, 2014 North Carolina State University Short Fiction Prize; Second place, 2014 Union County Writers’ Club Literary Contest; Gravel, April  2015

flourish “L’Orangerie,” First place, The Fountainhead 2014 Short Story Contest; Second place, 2015 Pamlico Writers Competition; Semi-finalist, 2015 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards; Rozlyn: Short Fiction by Women Writers (Rozlyn Press 2015)

flourish “When We Could See But Did Not Know,” Honorable Mention, 2014 Ruth Moose Flash Fiction Prize; Pembroke Magazine, Vol. 47, 2015; reprinted in r.k.v.r.y., Vol. XIV, No. 2 (Spring 2017)

flourish “Out at Poplar Springs,” Top Ten Finalist, 2014 Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest; Southern Writers Magazine, Summer 2014

flourish “Prognosis,” Winner of Press 53’s 53-Word Story Contest, May 2014; forthcoming in Prime Number Magazine

flourish “Blue Eyes,” Hermeneutic Chaos, July 2014

flourish “Siler Road,” Finalist, 2014 Reynolds Price Fiction Prize

flourish “Compensation,” Finalist, 2014 Reynolds Price Fiction Award; renamed “This Month’s Fall Look,” Clapboard House, July 2014

flourish  “The Yes Pile,” Honorable Mention, The Fountainhead 2012 Short Story Contest; Eunoia Review, May 10, 2014

flourish “New Moon,” Runner-up, The Fountainhead 2013 Short Story Contest; Honorable Mention, The Writers’ Workshop of Asheville 2013 Fiction Contest; Second place, 2014 Carolina Woman Writing Contest; Carolina Woman, April 2014

flourish “Green River Gorge,” Finalist, 2013 North Carolina State University Short Fiction Prize; Second place, 2013 Southern Literary Contest; The Bluestone Review, 2014

flourish“Becoming Jackie,” North Carolina State Bar Journal, Winter 2013; Second place, 2013 North Carolina State Bar Fiction Contest

flourish “Tuesday Night Chorus,” Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South Anthology, (New Lit Salon Press 2013)

flourish “Warmer Over Here,” The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, September 12, 2013

flourish “Hold,” First Stop Fiction, July 11, 2013

flourish  “Gaston Street,” Deep South Magazine, May 24, 2013

flourish  “Butler Road,” Winner of Sundog Lit Photogene #5 Contest, March 13, 2013

flourish  “David Gray On the Radio,” WhiskeyPaper, February 17, 2013

flourish  “Off the Hook,” Crack the Spine,  Issue 54, February 6, 2013

flourish  “The Dean’s Speech,” Appalachian Story Anthology, January, 2013; North Carolina State Bar Journal, Spring 2012; Third place, 2011 North Carolina State Bar Fiction Contest

flourish  “Undo the Knot,” The Rusty Nail, December 2012

flourish  “Dream House,” First Place, 2012 October Fiction in Five Contest, Center for Writing Excellence;  Third Annual Fiction Anthology, Center for Writing Excellence, July 2013

flourish  “Absolution,” Foliate Oak, October 2012; Finalist, Short-Short Story Category, 2013 Press 53 Awards

flourish  “What a Picture is Worth,” Daily Love, September 26, 2012



flourish “First Time Novelist Shares Reading Recommendations,” Triangle Reads, The News & Observer, May 31, 2017

flourish “Topaz,” Third place, Carolina Woman 2017 Writing Contest, Carolina Woman, May 2017

flourish “Publishing with a University Press: A Fiction Writer’s Perspective,” Women Writers, Women’s Books, April 23, 2017

flourish “Outsiders Looking for Connection: Good People,” Review of Good People by Robert Lopez, Raleigh Review, Vol. 5, No. 2, Fall 2015

flourish “Arrival Gate,” First place, Creative Non-fiction Category, 2014 Union County Writers’ Club Contest

flourish “Lollygag,” Quail Bell Magazine, September 7, 2013; Honorable Mention, The Writers’ Workshop of Asheville 2013 Hard Times Essay Contest

flourish “Marrow,” Ginosko Literary Journal, Issue 13, July 2013

flourish  “The Few Things I’ve Learned So Far,” P31 Woman Magazine, April 2011

flourish  “Tar Heel in Duke Blue,” The State, January 1996



flourish  “After the Party,” Dual Coast Magazine, 2015

flourish “Empty Space,” First place, 2013 Southern Literary Contest; Boston Poetry Magazine, October 16, 2014

flourish Untitled haiku, Winners’ Circle, 2014 Library Hotel Poetry Month Haiku Contest

flourish “The Anticipation of Sweetness,” vox poetica, June 10, 2013

flourish “The Tablecloth,” Honorable Mention, Carolina Woman 2013 Writing Contest, Carolina Woman, April 2013

flourish “Weight,” Poetic Story, March 2013

flourish “The Color of Loss,” Eskimo Pie, March 2013